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Master Waitlist

A $300.00 reservation fee is required after you submit the puppy application. Once your application and reservation fee have been received, you will be placed on the Master Waitlist. The waitlist operates on a first come first served basis. You will be assigned a number, based on the order that your reservation fee was received. Puppy selection goes in order, and Sara or Matt will contact you when it is time for you to select a puppy. If the timing isn’t right for you, or the litter is not the size or color you want, just let us know. If you decide to pass, you will remain on the waitlist, and will not lose your place. You can do this as many times as you like. However, if you move on to the next season's waitlist, you will go to the bottom of that waitlist, so as not to bump those who are already on that list.  For example, those on the Spring 2021 waitlist can pass on every litter we have during the spring without losing their place on the list, but once they have skipped to Summer 2021, they will go behind everyone already on the Summer list.

We do this in an effort to be fair to everyone on all of our waitlists.

We at Walnut Tree, as breeders retain the right to occasionally hold back 1-2 puppies from each litter for our Bernedoodles breeding program. 

We try our best but we cannot guarantee colors of puppies. Our number one goal is to produce healthy, happy, well-socialized puppies with wonderful temperaments. Their gorgeous colors are a bonus! Your time on the wait list entirely depends on your flexibility to criteria such as sex, coloring, and size of dog. For example, if you wish to select a Bernedoodle with distinct tricolor markings, your wait will be longer than the family open to any puppy from Walnut Tree.  We do the Volhard puppy aptitude test at 7 weeks to help in predicting inherited behavioral tendencies and how the puppy will turn out as an adult.

We will post pictures of puppies at 1 week, 3 weeks, 5 weeks, and 7 weeks. These pictures are typically showcased on our Facebook page and Instagram page, so be sure to like us and follow along as they grow!  We also send photos via text or messenger often to families that have already picked their puppy. We welcome video chatting with an puppy as well. 


Waitlist for Winter Litter F1b is OPEN Estimated weight 50 to 80 pounds

Ruthy(Standard F1 Bernedoodle) x Stuart (Standard Poodle Blue Merle Phantom)

1. Gardner- Female traditional tri color

2. Ward - Female multicolor

3. Berardi - Male Blue Merle

4. Pollara- female multicolor

5. Lapinski- female multicolor






Waitlist for December 2021 Litter F1b Bernedoodles is OPEN (Tri Color, Bi Color(black/white or brown/white),Blue merle, Brown Merle, Blue Merle Phantom, Brown Merle phantom, Black and Tan phantom, Chocolate/cream phantom) Estimated weight 35 to 55 pounds(estimate only based on Sire's lineage(50% small poodle, 50% BMD). Some puppies could exceed 55 pounds if they inherit more of the BMD genes. 

Lucy (Standard UKC black phantom poodle, carries parti) x Curry (Medium F1 Bernedoodle, Blue Merle Phantom)

1. Reserved for pick of the litter

2. Tignor- Female multicolor

3. Nelson- Male multicolor

4. Jones-Hart - Female multicolor

5. Warren- Male Merle(blue or brown)

6. McLaughlin - Male 

7. Huynh - Male



Waitlist for Fall (Mid October is go home) 2021 Litter F1B is OPEN (Blue Merle, Blue Merle Tuxedo, Black Abstract) Estimated weight 50 to 70 pounds

Suzy (AKC standard poodle Blue Merle) x Bruno (F1 Bernedoodle)

1.Isley-Female multicolor

2. Aiken-Male multicolor

3. Longo-Female but open to male best for service work

4. Stowers- female but open to male multicolor suited for therapy

5. Ruiz- female multicolor

6. Habenicht- either gender multicolor

7. Estrella - Female

8. Turner - Male

9.Skeffington - Male

10. Skaggs

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