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Our Girls


*RETIRED* Suzy is an AKC Standard Poodle, Blue Merle.  Birthdate 2/11/2019.  Weight: 45lbs. Suzy is very sweet and polite. She is super smart, friendly and confident. She loves to run through the woods and go on walks or hikes. We plan to get Suzy therapy certified in the future due to her great temperament and confidence and plan to take her to nursing homes and hospitals. 
Link to Suzy's genetic DNA is: http://embk.me/suzy12?utm_campaign=cns_ref_dog_pub_profile&utm_medium=other&utm_source=embark

Link to Suzy's OFA certification is https://www.ofa.org/advanced-search?quicksearch=pr21520502



Lucy is an UKC Standard Poodle, Black Phantom. Birthdate 2/17/2019. Weight 47lbs. Lucy is a sweetheart. She loves to run through the woods, go on walks and hikes. She likes to dance with her humans and loves attention and cuddles. She is very athletic and can jump up 5 feet. 
Link to Lucy's genetic DNA is http://embk.me/lucy949?utm_campaign=cns_ref_dog_pub_profile&utm_medium=other&utm_source=embark

Link to Lucy's OFA certification is https://www.ofa.org/advanced-search?quicksearch=k118454



*RETIRED* Ruthy is an Standard F1 Bernedoodle. Birthdate 6/17/2019. Weight: 60 lbs. Ruthy is a big stout girl who requires lots of exercise. She loves to run through the woods and any activity with her humans. She loves attention and is super smart. 
Link to Ruthy's genetic DNA is http://embk.me/ruthy2?utm_campaign=cns_ref_dog_pub_profile&utm_medium=other&utm_source=embark

Link to Ruthy's OFA certification is https://www.ofa.org/advanced-search?f=sr&appnum=2271311



Ella is a AKC standard poodle. Birthday 4/20/20 Weight: 45 pound. She is a sable color. All sable puppies will fade. She has cleared to cream color. She also has the potential to produce Brindle color with Baker.  Ella is a sweet easy going girl. She is content with whatever. She will hike or go on walks or she will just lay around and be lazy. 

Link to Ella's genetic DNA panel is http://embk.me/ella1430?utm_campaign=cns_ref_dog_pub_profile&utm_medium=other&utm_source=embark

Link to OFA hips (Good): https://ofa.org/advanced-search/?appnum=2377009




Tula is was born and raised here. Birthday 4/16/21. She is a Ruthy/Bruno puppy. She was a perfect tri color when she was born. She did inherit the fading gene from her dad Bruno but she is still a big beautiful smart girl with a goofy loving personality. She weighs 75 pounds. She is fully furnished so all her puppies will be fully furnished when paired with our fully furnished males. We might pair MissTula with an AKC Bernese mountain Dog in the future. Tula is an F2 Bernedoodle making her 50% poodle 50% BMD. She is a stout big boned girl with a big heart. She lives with her guardian family who love her dearly. 

Link to Tula's genetic DNA panel is  http://embk.me/star281?utm_campaign=cns_ref_dog_pub_profile&utm_medium=other&utm_source=embark



Mabel is an F1 Black/Tan Phantom Bernedoodle 95 pounds. Birthday 10/28/21. She can produce Tri colors, Black/tan phantoms, Blue Merles(paired with a merle stud). She lives with her guardian family who love her to pieces. She is a giant laid back goof ball who is a very loving dog. 

Link to Mabels DNA: http://embk.me/phantomgirl4?utm_campaign=cns_ref_dog_pub_profile&utm_medium=other&utm_source=embark



Haseley is an F1b Micro Mini blue merle phantom Bernedoodle. Birthday 7/1/22. She can produce tri colors, blue merle tri, chocolate merle tri, black phantoms, chocolate phantoms, parti's in all those colors. 


Winnie is an F1 Sable tri Bernedoodle 85 pounds. Birthday 10/28/21. She can produce Sables, Brindles, tri color, phantoms, blue merles(paired with a merle), blue merle sable(paired with a merle). 



Aspen is an F1 Blue Merle phantom Bernedoodle 100 pounds. Birthday 1/15/22. Can produce Tri color, Blue merle tri, Chocoloate merle tri, chocolate phantoms, black phantoms, parti's in all those.





Zoe is an AKC Blue Merle phantom standard poodle 50 pounds. Birthday 2/10/22. She can produce blue merle tri, chocolate merle tri, black phantom, chocolate phantoms, tri colors, partis in all those colors. 



Our Boys


*RETIRED* Bruno is an Standard F1 Bernedoodle. Birthdate 4/1/2019. Weight 68 lbs.  Bruno is a gentle giant and thinks he is a lap dog. He loves attention and cuddles. He talks to his humans. He loves to run through the woods. He is polite and super smart. He can be stubborn at times but always willing to please. Bruno does carry the fading gene which means that some of his puppies except merle might fade to a salt and pepper color or bluish grey color. He has faded to 4 colors (silver, white, cream and bluish/grey)
Link to Bruno's genetic DNA is http://embk.me/bruno178?utm_campaign=cns_ref_dog_pub_profile&utm_medium=other&utm_source=embark

Link to Bruno's OFA certification is https://www.ofa.org/advanced-search?num=HY-BCA679%2F24M%2FP-VPI&part=&sex=&birthday_start_year=&birthday_end_year=&birthday=&breed%5B%5D=&regcode%5B%5D=&conclusion=&rptdte_start_year=&rptdte_end_year=&rptdte=&btnSearch=Begin+Search



Link to Stuart's genetic DNA is http://embk.me/stuart53?utm_campaign=cns_ref_dog_pub_profile&utm_medium=other&utm_source=embark

Stuart is a CKC(Canadian) and AKC Blue Merle phantom poodle and he carries parti. He is so sweet, smart and obedient. He is loving and laidback.  Birthdate is 12/5/2020. He weighs 53 pounds. He has genetically clear DNA. Pennhip results are better than breed average. We can email his Pennhip result upon request. 


DukeDuke is a Standard F1 Bernedoodle. CKC registered. He has long legs like the poodle, He is truly a handsome gentle giant. He is very smart and obedient. He is gentle with children. He lives with His guardian family who adores him. He weights 90 pounds. He has Clear DNA through Embark. His Pennhip results are excellent (Vet says the best results he has seen). Can email results upon request. 

Link to Duke's genetic DNA is http://embk.me/duke2205?utm_campaign=cns_ref_dog_pub_profile&utm_medium=other&utm_source=embark




Baker is a small standard F1 Bernedoodle. Birthdate: 8/2/20 He is tri color brindle pointed. He lives with a guardian family who love him dearly. He is smart, sweet, loves any activity with his humans and is athletic. He weighs 50 pounds. He has clear DNA through Embark.

Link to Bakers genetic DNA is. http://embk.me/baker145?utm_campaign=cns_ref_dog_pub_profile&utm_medium=other&utm_source=embark


Link to Bakers OFA: Hips Good, Cardiac normal. https://ofa.org/advanced-search/?appnum=2387410


Buddy is 74% standard poodle , 16.3%.small poodle, 9.7% golden retriever. Birthdate: 12/10/20 He is a blue merle phantom.He has one blue eye and he is fully furnished like a poodle.  He carries red and brown. He lives with a guardian family who love him dearly. He is smart and has the sweetest personality. He loves to be with his humans wherever they are.  He weighs 50 pounds. He has clear DNA through Embark.  http://embk.me/buddy7658?utm_campaign=cns_ref_dog_pub_profile&utm_medium=other&utm_source=embark

OFA HIPS GOOD, ELBOWS NORMAL https://ofa.org/advanced-search/?appnum=2440611

 Future Stud


Harley is a multigenerational mini Bernedoodle (36%BMD, 30% standard poodle, 30% small poodle). Birthday 6/13/22. Harley is predicted to be around 35 to 40 pounds full grown. He is the perfect tri color and carries brown. So he can produce chocolate merles and chocolate phantoms with my girls that carry brown. He is such a sweet boy and loves attention and cuddles. We can't wait to see his puppies. 

Link to Harley's genetic DNA is http://embk.me/harley4116?utm_campaign=cns_ref_dog_pub_profile&utm_medium=other&utm_source=embark

Future Stud


Teddy, Guardians call him Clark is a F1b mini bernedoodle (75% small poodle, 25% Bernese mountain dog). Birthday 5/13/22. His predicted full grown weight is 35 pounds. He lives with his guardian family who love and spoil him. They say he is the best dog ever. Clark was DNA tested through Canine health check. https://ppg-web-external.s3.amazonaws.com/order_pets/da824cde-c667-453f-bad6-22abfcec43e4/caninehealthcheck/169244_369668_AN-22-008091_CanineHealthCheck_Certificate_11_08_2022.pdf?Signature=HwUpAKqluuEITSxVa7ZaQWjPRME%3D&Expires=1677261293&AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIGGYWNJLMRG74NEA



Jonesey is a multigenerational micro mini bernedoodle (70% toy poodle, 30% Bernese mountain dog). Birthday 9/29/2022. His predicted adult weight is 30 pounds. He is a super sweet boy, he is polite, mannerly and loving. He carries brown so he can have chocolates with my chocolate girls and my girls that carry chocolate. He is intense red so his tan points Should stay a nice copper tone like the bernese mountain dog. Link to Jonesey DNA http://embk.me/jonesey4?utm_campaign=cns_ref_dog_pub_profile&utm_medium=other&utm_source=embark


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