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Walunt Tree Bernedoodles
463 Banner Creek Rd
Banner Elk, NC 28604
Email: wtbernedoodles@gmail.com
Sara phone 828-260-0950
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you Deliver?
Yes! We love the fact that anyone can get one of our puppies for their family, regardless of where they live.  So, we have several affordable options

  1. You can fly to the nearest airport to us which is Charlotte Douglas International, and we can meet you there for a $150 fee
  2. You can drive right to our location in NC and we will try to put you in one of our cabins depending on availability. 
  3. A flight nanny can fly out to you and deliver your puppy to your local airport for an additional $500
  4. We will personally deliver your puppy to you to your home or a meeting place that you desire as long as it’s less than a 3-hour trip one way for a $150 fee


Do you Dock Tail?
We love the desired look of the doodle with the large fan tail so currently we do not.


Do you remove Dewclaws?
Yes, our veterinarian does when they are 2 days old.


Do you hold puppies past go home date?
We understand most families work during the week so if the go home date lands during the week we will hold until the weekend after that we charge $25/day.  If the go home date lands on a weekend we hold puppies for 3 days and after that it’s $25/day.


Will I need to groom my puppy?
Yes. Bernedoodles need regular grooming. Doodles have two coats and it is very important to make sure the under coat is brushed daily to avoid matting which can result in your puppy having to be shaved down. If you can brush regularly and enjoy your puppy in a shaggy coat you can get by with a full grooming every 8-10 weeks, if you can’t commit to regular brushing at home you should have your puppy groomed every 6-8 weeks.


What kind of food will my puppy be eating?
We feed Purina Pro Plan. Your puppy will come home with 2 or three days of puppy food. If you decide to change their food, please do so gradually mixing the old with the new for 2 weeks.


What will be in my puppies go home bag?
Every puppy that leaves here has a “go home bag”. Here is a list of items that are included:

  1. Vaccination and worming schedule for your vet
  2. Small container of Purina Pro Plan Puppy food
  3. Litter blanket
  4. Toy


What vaccinations will my puppy have?

  1. 6-8 weeks - Distemper/parvo
  2. 9-10 weeks – Distemper/Bordetella


What health testing have the parents had done?
We do full DNA testing through Embark which includes genetic disease panels, color test, curl test, furnishings test as well as a shedding test. We also do OFA testing.  Click here to see the full DNA testing we have done!


Do you allow visits?
We allow families to come to our home and see where the adults are raised on puppy pick up day, but we do not allow visits prior.  The risk these visits can have is way too high to puppies that are not old enough to be vaccinated; and even the puppies that have started their vaccinations.  Regular families could unknowingly bring some type of contamination to us and protecting our puppies’ health is top priority to our families that are waiting to bring their new puppy home.


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